[ Dogs ] Open Question : How do I get over the guilt of giving away my puppy?

So a couple of days ago I agreed to get a puppy from a friend my sister came with me and agreed she wanted one too. After we took...

[ Other - Health ] Open Question : If I feel sick and walk around a little, I begin to feel less sick!?

Is this normal? They say you should stay and rest in bed when your sick. But whenever I have gotten the stomach bug and I stay in bed all day, I feel depressed...

[ Hobbies & Crafts ] Open Question : Shisha wont screw together?

I have a shisha pen, i've had if for two days, i took off the battery part to charge it and it wont screw back on. Help?

[ Quotations ] Open Question : Is The Maze Runner WICKED said...?

Ok I was wondering how it's said I know it's an acronym WICKED-world in catastrophe killzone experiment department. But is it...

[ Astronomy & Space ] Open Question : Using spectroscopy can we tell what distant galaxies are made of?

Are they all made of the same stuff? How can we tell? And do we already know what some galaxies are made of? Or do we just follow general rules that we've...

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Drink driving with provisional licence?

Right just last week I made a huge mistake. I got behind the wheel of a friends car intoxicated I was over the limit I blew 59 on...

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