Question: What's the point of living if you're under 6'0?

women hate short men. all ceo's are tall, and taller people make more money doing the same job. why would short people want to live?

Question: I want to publish a manga but I don't know what put the drawings in and what else to put in?

I also don't know what publishers might be interested in original works because I'm young and I'm getting in to comics and manga and...

Question: What do you call these kind of pictures?

i searched for "men orthographics" but nothing close came up, i need refrences for 3d modeling

Question: What do you think of this character?

His name is Jal. He a young man who works for a duchess who is about the same age as him. He knows the setting's lore and history very...

Question: Starting a story?

I am writing this story about starseeds and stuff and the main character had a bad past where he watched the SWAT team take his father away and he was kinda...

Question: What's the best place to buy unique abstract paintings online?

Would like to get an abstract painting that is unique, not that you can find on every art website, and it must be hand painted.

Is it scientifically proven?

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