Question: When painting glass jars on canvas, what do you paint first: the background or the jars? Any tips, too?

It's my first time painting glass and I don't know where to start. It's for an assignment so I want to make it look as good as possible.
Any help...

Question: Can anyone help?

Im writing a story about a man who joins his family in bounty hunting. But what im having trouble with is what would make him join the business...

Question: Roman Empire question for WHAP?

was there an extension on some degree of citizenship or rights to conquered peoples creating some sort of buy -in on the part of the people's conquered...

Question: Pertaining to Roman Empire?

Was there a failure of leadership for example when leaders focus on the wealth etc. instead of needs of the state

Question: Fluctuating artistic abilities?

I have a problem with my drawing skills. My abilities seem to come out in spurts, in which whatever I draw comes out perfectly in my...

Question: I Need help remembering the name of a story?

It is about a Canadian goose named Emily who is flying south with her family. She likes flying in loops...

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