[ Homework Help ] Open Question : Graphing Linear Equations?

Ok I just need to know when finding three ordered pair solutions with three given pair solutions such as x or y how do I do these two solutions.

we for x=-4

So of course on my t chart all three slots under x will be -4 but how will I get y or would it simply be 0?

same as for y=5

[ Mental Health ] Open Question : Unable to express/feel negative emotions? Or maybe any emotions?

I'm not good at expressing emotions. I don't think I every have been. And for the past few years, I haven't even been good at expressing positive emotions. I don't get excited about anything. I never seem to have emotions. I feel blank all the time. Something bad happened recently which I know I should feel either angry or upset about, but I literally feel nothing about the situation. Is something wrong with me? I have Aspergers, but I don't think that's it. Is it?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : Is it a scam? its long but please read?

Ok so I have a friend from Guatemala who I know since we were kids. We haven't seen each other in about 8 years since I moved to the USA. He recently contacted me asking for my help. This is his story: his mom has cancer and he is trying to buy her medication. He is currently in Negeria because his dad had business with an oil company, but passed away. So now he is trying to claim 2.5 million that the company is giving him because of his fathers death. (I remember when I was in Guatemala his dad had some type of oil business).

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : Calculus: Exponents and Logs?

Not sure how to do this problem, will someone guide me through it?

The concentration in milligrams per liter of a drug in a patient's blood t hours after being dosed is give by:

c(t) = 19te ^ (−1t)

How long will it take for the blood concentration of the drug to peak?
Answer: _________ Hours.

What is the peak concentration?
Answer: ___________ mg/liter

[ Politics ] Open Question : I was wrong about Malaysia Air Flight 370, may this be the truth?

I spoke with my friend in USA Naval Intelligence.....this is not good. He does not know much but he told me with confidence.....THEY KNOW WHERE THE PLANE IS!!! I then asked if their is some form of negotiations going on? He said "I believe so but....it does not sound good" I asked what do you mean he said "I do not know personally but I know people have been working without sleep for days here, it is not good whatever it is"........I asked do you think USA is in trouble he said "no but from what I know someone else is" I said is it Israel?

[ Other - Careers & Employment ] Open Question : When should I call Chipotle back to followup?

I just had my second interview today and I think it went pretty well. They said if they pick me, they'll contact me if they don't that means they moved onto another person. I heard from the apprentice that they are looking for several people actually so my fingers are crossed.

I think I did well in both interviews and I met the crew and I think we got connected pretty well. @.@

Should i call tomorrow to see if they've made a decision or on Wednesday is better?

[ Men's Health ] Open Question : SEX QUESTION?

i am 11 years old and i asked my brother how babies are made and he said you hav too hold handz with a gurl for 2 secconds and i did that today in school and i think she might be pragnant plzz help im not ready for a kid yet im still a kid my mom will put me in timout for like 99999 years if i have a kid.

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