Question: Why would a friend I work with deleted me from Facebook?

A friend whom I visit with every once in a while deleted me from Facebook. She hugs me and talks to me every single day and...

Question: Good books for ballet?

I hope to start ballet soon and want to.get a head start on terms and such, and the internet is somewhat helpful, but I would like to see pictures and not have to doe a lot of work to find one.


how does simon differ from ralph and jack?

Question: Question on book The Fault In Our Stars?

Okay so i have this book report on tfios and i read the book, but i don't know how to answer this question:
What are the 3 most important decisions that Hazel...

Question: Hey guys i really need help writing a poem!!! PLEASE HELP?

hey i need to write a poem for english classit has to be 4 stanzas long, with at least 4 lines in each stanza, it has to have a rhyme scheme (same rhyme scheme in each stanza) has to...

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