java help (only loops)?

I have teh following loop (which is currently wrong):
double m = input.nextDouble();
double step = t/m;
for (double i = 0; i < t; i+=step)
for(double j = 0; j < v; j+=step)
occurrence.calcVelocityf(v, g, t);
v = occurrence.getVelocityf(v, g, t);
System.out.print(v.returnString() + "\t");


I.e. initial values the user enters e.g. at t = 0, v = (1,0,0), t = step v = (final v at t = 0), t = 2step v = (final v at t = step), t = 3step v = (final v at t = 2step)…
The difficulty i believe is getting the velocity bit correct as it is of a vector class type.

Here are my files if you require more exploration with the first containing this and the order i consider important to you.

(You shouldn't need these:)


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