Question about toning my hair.?

so in an attempt to make myself look girly and pretty again I had my hair done at an expensive salon (for the first time in over a year)
I asked for highlights (I am naturally dark blonde) and low lights because I wanted it to look more dynamic and not bleach blonde Barbie-ish (i am a tomboy really) ANYWAY I don't like how it turned out, the high and low lights mix and look like I have grey hair. AND I only had partial highlights (and low lights) done so the bottom half of my hair is my natural red/gold-sih blonde and the top is more grey-blue.
Can I use a toner on the top half of my hair to make it look better? Or should I use it all over? Will the toner even tone my low lights?(I feel like they are the problem) Can someone suggest a brand to me? Hopefully one I can get at Sally's. Thanks a lot!!!

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