story idea help? please need a antagonist and conflict.?

Please read it, i need to find an antagonist and a conflict. i didn't have much to go on. this is just the idea. I'm done the full story but its far too long to post. i had to make a sequel to a story and in the end of the story the main character died so i ahd to try and make it work.

A few months after Alicia passed, they decide its time to clear out her room. And move her stuff to the attic. While Christine is taking a box up to the attic, she gets memories of Alicia and how she used to hide up there, the memories made her weak and tremble. And she fell to the ground on her knees. The box of coarse falls with her and the contents spill out and land/roll/slide every where. While picking up the stuff. She notices a ripped piece of paper on the ground. She picks it up. Its a picture of Alicia ripped in half. (Alicia's full boy is in the picture but who ever she was with was ripped out.) Christine wants to keep the picture as a memory and puts it in her pocket. While picking up the rest of the stuff, she reaches under a small table to pick up something and notices that the lamp sitting on top of the small table is plugged it. Someone had been using it. So Alicia was in the attic playing with the lights. When Christine tries to grab the item (just out of her reach) she scratches herself on a floor board slightly popped out of the ground. She grabs it and it comes out. In this little compartment she notices that there is an old book and a few used pencils in there. She opens up the book reveling the name “Catina Elias Dream Diary” at first she has no idea who Catina is. She begins to read it to find the diary entries start in late 1887. She starts to read about this girls dreams. At this point Christine thinks Alicia was reading a book, but as she reads more and more you realize the book is talking about her and the dreams Catina is having are placed in the future, and every time she sleeps she dreams the same place and time but a day later, she seems to sleep and wake up in one world go back to sleep and wake up in her home world. Near the end you realize That Catina Elias is a anagram for Alicia Antes ( I made up the last name caused I couldn't find one in the book) and that when Alicia was in a coma, (doesnt say how she got the illness so I just made up a little bit of her past and gave her a coma that gave her schizophrenia) while in the coma she dreamed her life from birth to before she died. Her brain had created such a vivid reality it denied to let it go so when she went to sleep in the 2011 world, she woke up in her 1887 world thinking it was a dream. She kept a dream diary of her dreams to document them. But getting her realities mixed up she seems like she has a mental illness, and in the very end of the story a photo drops from the back page of the book and it matches the half that Cristina found earlier. Showing that both realities were real and some how magically she could go from one to another in sleep and pull stuff from one world to the next such as an old photo dated 1887. Saying she never had a mental illness.

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